Reformation Day

On October 31 we celebrate Reformation Day. It reminds us of the 95 theses Martin Luther published in 1517 in Wittenberg – legend says he did it with a hammer at the portal of the Castle Church (Schlosskirche). With his 95 theses, Martin Luther criticized the selling of indulgences by the Catholic Church at that time. The soul was supposed to be guaranteed by cash benefits:

As soon the money in the box rings, the soul into heaven springs!

The Reformation movement developed out of the controversy around the system of indulgences in an effort to rebuild the church. After a lot of controversies and conflicts, the Protestant Church emerged – with new theology, new songs, new liturgy and new offices. The Reformation altar in the choir of the Town Church shows the changes the church experienced right before your eyes. On October 31, the Protestant Church remembers its beginning in medieval times and the need to create reforms and changes in the present. The Reformation Day is a state-protected holiday in Saxony-Anhalt.

In the mother church of the Reformation, Reformation Day is celebrated with concerts, devotions, guided tours, confirmation meetings, exhibitions and a lot more. The day starts with a festive worship service enriched with church music. Well-known preachers attract a large congregation of listeners:

31.10.2003 Pastor Dr. h.c. Friedrich Schorlemmer, Wittenberg
31.10.2004 Bishop Leo Nowak, Bistum Magdeburg
31.10.2005 Bishop Axel Noack, Magdeburg
31.10.2006 Bishop Axel Noack, Magdeburg
31.10.2007 President Dr. Wilhelm Hüffmeier, Gustav-Adolf-Werk Leipzig
31.10.2008 Pastor Dr. h.c. Friedrich Schorlemmer, Wittenberg
31.10.2009 Bishop Ilse Junkermann, Magdeburg
31.10.2010 Bishop Liselotte Rebel, Helsingör (Denmark)
31.10.2011 Bishop Dr. Antje Jackelén, Lund (Sweden)
31.10.2012 Pastor Christian Führer, Nikolaikirche Leipzig
31.10.2013 Bishop Dietrich Brauer, Moskau (Rußland)
31.10.2014 Bishop Gerhard Ulrich, Kiel/Schwerin
31.10.2015 Dr. Gottfried Wilhelm Locher, Bern (Schweiz)
01.11.2015 Bishop Dr. Karl-Hinrich Manzke, Bückeburg
31.10.2016 Bishop Dr. Michael Bünker, Wien, General Secretary of the Community of Protestant Churches in Germany
31.10.2017 Regional Bishop Ilse Junkermann, Magdeburg, Evangelical Church in Central Germany