Guest Forum

to the Protestant Town Church congregation in Lutherstadt Wittenberg!

Church tours in St. Mary’s Town and Parish Church
For information or reservations,
please contact the church master of the Town Church.

Devotions in St. Mary’s Town and Parish Church
When you want to celebrate a prayer in the Town Church with your travel or meeting group, the following hours are made available by the Town Church Community:

8-8.30 AM or 10-10.30 AM or 5-6 PM (during summer) or 3-4 PM (during winter). Or you can visit the prayer at noon (See chapter „Services“).

For more information and reservations,
go to the Office of the Town Church congregation.

Guest Forum of the Town Church congregation Wittenberg

As preaching church of Martin Luther and founding church of the Reformation, St. Mary’s Town and Parish Church of Wittenberg is a special place for pilgrims and an even bigger attraction for international guests and tourists. Every year, around 80,000 people visit the Town Church.

As Town Church congregation, we are excited about the exchange with the guests and visitors from Germany, Europe and from all over the world. We receive a lot of inquiries from those who want to learn more about the life in the Town Church congregation in Lutherstadt Wittenberg. We can only cope with this amount of requests if we offer two possible meeting places, which are anchored in the rhythm of the Town Church congregation:

1. Welcome to the Sunday services in the Town Church in the historic town (10 AM) or in the congregation center St. Martin in the district Friedrichstadt (9.30 AM)! After the service, there is a church café where you have the option of encountering and talking with people.

2. Welcome to the Guest Forum on Wednesday night (7 PM)! On Wednesday night, in the Bugenhagenhaus in the historic town or in other congregational centers, you have the opportunity as a Wittenberger or as a guest to encounter and talk with one another. We ask the guest groups to take over a part of the content designed for the meeting on Wednesday night by giving a topic of conversation, a presentation, a speech or something similar. That makes it attractive for many members of the Town Church congregation and for many citizens of Wittenberg to participate in the Guest Forum.

We hope that one or the other meeting will fit in your travel and visit plans. For further coordination or other appointments, please contact Mrs. Renate Skirl of “Christian Tours Europe” (
Jüdenstraße 8, D-06886 Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Telephone +49 3491 5079553,
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.