Foto: Jürgen M. Pietsch

Into the case from 1811, the company Sauer (Frankfurt/Oder) built a new instrument in 1983, which received additional mechanism (marked by an intentional more simple case). It has 53 sounding stops on 3 manuals and pedal. It combines in sound the baroque clarity with romantic warmth, fullness and power. Versatile use happens in church worship services, concerts, the weekly "organ music for the weekend” (Fridays 6 PM from May to October and during Advent) and, of course, during practice time. Using the organ means also wear and tear. After almost 30 years, a major overhaul is inevitable.
The technical part (electrics and mechanics) was already done in 2008 because of urgencies. Everything that relates to the cleaning and to the pipes directly can only be done after the completion of the renovation of the nave.

For this part of the work, three months of work hours are scheduled. This means, it will include relatively little material costs, but the wages and housing of the organ builder have to be paid. That’s why we need an estimated € 66.000. The Town Church congregation cannot afford this amount on its own again. That’s why we need any help we can get. Thank you for your interest and your willingness to help. The result will be this beautiful instrument, which will be heard again for a long time!

You can donate on our bank account:
Receiver: KKA Wittenberg
Account Number: 155 174 8010
Bank Code: 350 601 90
Bank: KD-Bank Duisburg
Purpose: "Orgelfonds Stadtkirche Wittenberg"
(We will gladly make out a donation receipt.)