“Learn to dance and sing, otherwise one day the angels won’t know what to do with you” (Augustin)

…and you can begin at any time, especially at the start of a new year, when all the choirs start working at the same time on new pieces.

Meanwhile, there is an offer for every age group between 5 and 80 years in the choirs of the Town Church congregation, which shows the connecting power of being a musician. The four children and youth choirs (partly in cooperation with the Protestant Elementary School and the new Secondary School) work on musicals, parts for the services and also cheerful and moving pieces. They discover voices, hearing and feeling community.
The church choir is for singers from age 14 on. Big concerts and the involvement in worship services are prepared there. The chamber choir is for experienced choir singers. They discover new styles in singing. The senior choir practices for services and is always excited during their voice rehearsals to find what they can do with their voice “also” or “again”.
All members with all sorts of voices are welcome – especially men of course!!! You can find more information in the section practice-hours or talk to choir director Heike Mross-Lamberti. If you are not sure what would fit you best, you can go to see and try out (there are no entrance examinations)!
Registrations with Heike Mross-Lamberti,
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