The archive collects and catalogues important documents from the life and the administration of the Town Church’s congregation. Our archivists will answer inquiries from historians, genealogists and other interested parties.

The archive of the Town Church congregation is very important in terms of the history concerning the reformation, and it houses a lot of treasures. It is divided in three departments:

• the archive of the Town Church congregation,
• the archive of the General Superintendence,
• the archive of the Superintendence of the church district Wittenberg.

The department of the Town Church archive alone holds 2800 records.

A small collection of certificates is worth mentioning since it dates to the 13th century. The second oldest certificate from 1281 gives an indulgence to people who donated to the construction of St. Mary’s Town Church.

You can also find the annual financial statements of the “common chest” in the archive. This important social system of the Reformation has already been examined by different branches of academia. The financial books continue to inform about the historical construction of Wittenberg and the health care. This source also offers other research opportunities.

The books of the ordained pastors are also worth mentioning. They start in 1537 and pass down the handwritten vitae of the ordained among who were some important theologians.

What is there left to say about the actual church records and their start?
The baptism and wedding records start in the year 1560, the death records in 1563.

Fortunately, all the church records remained completely intact. The church records that give information about the life of the Protestant congregation in Wittenberg and the place of Wittenberg were made into a film in 2010. This film can be seen in the archive of the Protestant church of the church province of Saxony in Magdeburg.

Research in our church register and records of the archive is generally supported. This makes quick and systematic access possible.

For inquiries or appointments, please contact Mr. Jörg Mayer. He can be reached by telephone: +49 3491 6283-15 or by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..