Community Life

The congregation of the Town Church comes from Protestant church communities in Wittenberg and its surroundings. This includes the community areas downtown along with the vicinities of Dresdner Straße, Friedrichstadt, the former villages Trajuhn, Euper and Karlsfeld in the suburban area, as well as Mühlanger and Dietrichsdorf. The congregation of the Town Church has 3,800 members and is one of the largest Protestant congregations in Central Germany. It stands on the foundation of the Holy Gospel of Jesus Christ and on the liberating grace of God, which applies to all people and is the founding congregation of the Lutheran Reformation. Its main church is St. Mary’s, the town and parish church where Martin Luther and Johannes Bugenhagen, the first Lutheran superintendent of Wittenberg, preached.
The congregational life consists of a lot of people who come together in different groups, such as church choirs or instrumental circles. Foto: EKD/Schoelzel