Churchrenovation 2017

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Churchrenovation 2017: 500 Years Protestant Reformation

The Town Church is known worldwide as the mother church of the Reformation. Here is where Martin Luther preached his first protestant sermon in German so that the congregation could understand him. Johannes Bugenhagen and Philipp Melanchton also preached in this church.

altarThe church is historically significant with its world famous artworks such as the  Reformation altar by Lucas Cranach and countless epitaphs. This building´s history has been going on since the 13th century. More than 80,000 pilgrims visit the church every year.

unescoIn 1966 the Town Church was declared a cultural heritage site on the grounds that it respresents one of the most meaningful periods of history and is an authentic site of the Reformation which is of universal and extraordinary significance.   With this title, World Cultural Heritage Site, the Town Church received a great honor, but a big responsibility without financial support.

A renovation is greatly needed. It began in 2010 with the renovation of the attic. The external renovation is to a large extent finished. In the coming years the following phases of construction will begin:

• the renovation of the church interior and windows complete with technical furnishings
• interior and exterior of the two towers
• the renovation of the Cranach pieces of art

The entire cost of the renovation is €7.5 million. Such an amount can only come from a broad range of support. Federal, state, and the protestant church in central Germany, the Wittenberg church community, church foundations and associations (eg. Gustav Adolf Werk, Stiftung Kunst und Kulturgut, EKU Stiftung, Stiftung KiBa) have already pledged their support. The federal commissioner of the federal government for culture and media as the first big supporter made the start of the renovation in 2010 possible.

The Town Church congregation still needs to raise €1.5 million. This is only possible with the support of many over a long period of time. Luther´s church and Cranach´s art works need your support.

emmeThe donation campaign began with a moving speech by opera singer and TV moderator Gunther Emmerlich on Epiphany in 2013 in the Town Church. He is the honorary spokesman for the campaign and will support it with concerts which benefit the Town Church.

„500 years of Reformation is cause for the 500 x 500 action campaign. 500 x €500 should be donated. This could happen in a variety of ways. You could donate 10 x €50 or 5 x €100 or of course 1 x €500. Those who can afford it could pledge 5 x € 500 or even 10 x €500. There are more variations possible, that I don´t want to list at the moment. Here is my plea. Participate in this donation campaign, be generous and creative with your help. Every donation helps to reach the big goal."

damenThe renovation of the Town Church is more than a building project. It is a significant World Cultural Heritage Site, a community church as well as an international church, and a church of the art of Lucas Cranach. These need to be preserved for the coming generations. We ask for your support.

Here you will find information on projects to be funded by donations. You could, for example, finance a part of a window which is in need of refurbishment and stained glass. The renovation progress and the amount of donations received can also be found here.

Help us restore the „mother church of the Reformation" to its original!

Donation account : Kreiskirchenamt Wittenberg
Bank account number : 1551748010
Bank number and name:  35060190, KD Bank Dortmund
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